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Originally Posted by skids View Post
My point is that 1.5 turns might not be enough. Also, my bike is running quite well.
42.5 pilots
pilot screws to 3.5 turns
Adjusted floats[.925 (lean) to .886 (rich), middle is .906]
No.1 No.2 No.3 No.4
.905 .902 .904 .904
185 air, 300X2 nozzles, 110 mains

8500 feet elevation, stock airbox with K&N, 4 into 2 81H pipes.
Between your elevation location and mixture screws 3.5 turns out.....definitely too rich.....unless vacuum leak getting by those mixture screw O-rings. Also, at your elevation, I'd lower those fuel bowl levels another 1/4mm. That factory float setting of 23mm IS sea-level settings, as is the 'check while idleing' hosed 3mm fuel levels. Based on my many decades of automotive re-building and setting up of carbs, better results can be had with bike carbs also by dropping that fuel level a smidgen from stock sea level settings.
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