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Originally Posted by elgranjefe View Post
Hello XSers,
‘79 XS1100: Bike wouldnt start, had electrical shop fix it, found a broken wire. Now, bike will run but dies after warming up. Bike is getting barely 12 volts at 3K RPMs. Is that normal? Any ideas where to look for fix?


I suggest starting with battery. P,ut a 1amp charger on batt. for a few hours, then check batt. voltage. should be at 12.8-13.1 volts. If that checks out good, key on, no running bike, unplug and check stop/run switch at its plug-in. Should be the same as batt. This COMPLETES the electrical running circuit. If not, remove stop/run switch, dissasemble and clean those brass contacts as THIS switch completes the running circuit and contacts NEED to be clean and IS a common voltage failing area. This IS a good starting point, and let us know what you find out before continuing.
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