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LED Headlight


I also put a "Day Maker" LED light on my XS this year. I get a "very slight" flicker as well as a slight glow on my Headlight Idiot Light, both only at a low idle. I agree with Sid (Skids) that the bike must think that the light is going out because the LED requires so much less electricity.

The difference is amazing during night riding; I see things way sooner and way clearer then with the stock headlight. My riding buddy (on his 71' CB750) says that I light up the road really well for him too, and he usually takes the lead.

I have the halo wired separately to the fuse box (which I also upgraded, but that is a different story) so it goes on with the key, but the Day Maker has another feature which I did not hook-up that would make the Halo change to amber with the turn signals.

My flicker during idle is so slight that I hardly notice it, so I don't plan to try to do anything about it.
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