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Old 08-01-2004, 01:13 PM
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Spin-On Oil Filter Adapter

T.C.'s Spin-On Oil Filter Adapter-S.O.F.A.

Info and Installation Instructions

by T.C."TopCat" Gresham , posted 08-01-04

Dear fellow Xsives,
If you're tired of spilling oil all over your hands and the garage floor, rounding off the oil filter chamber bolt head, and in general just disgusted with the whole oil filter changing process, then this item may be of interest to you!? You may also note the easy access to the Oil Drain Plug as well! I have a 4-1 set of pipes, and you can see how much farther down they sit than the bottom of the filter!

With the assistance of my friend/machinist, also an Xsive, we have come up with a modest Spin-On Oil Filter Adapter (S.O.F.A.) which will allow you to more conveniently and easily change your oil and filter without much of the mess and fuss. This adapter design is made from high grade strength 6061 Billet Aluminum 1" thick plate, machined to fit the engine of the XS-XJ1100 as well as the Venture, and the XS750 and 850 triples. It incorporates a threaded center hole, and piece of threaded pipe that fits into the hole that the OEM bolt went into, and the plate then screws up onto this pipe, and the pipe then becomes the fitting for the spin-on oil filter.

In all fairness, there is a competing product made by RIVCOPRODUCTS,
Rivco Spin-on Adapter
was designed to fit the VENTURES, but will fit the XS's as well. Price=$59.95
However, this product uses a large nut welded to the mounting pipe to secure it with a recess cut into/around the mounting section of the adapter and an O-ring and groove, but this also adds to the overall thickness and puts the oil supply holes further apart requiring the use of wider AUTO filters vs. the smaller bike filter. Some of the other auto filters that will fit are: the PH7317, the PH6607, PH3595, PH3590.

With our design, you can use FRAM's filter model # 6017A, which is the filter for the GoldWing 1500, '88-'00 series, as well as other bikes! Along with it's smaller size, and nice black color or chrome from JCW, you can also get a nifty chrome cover for it from D.K.(only $42.99) if you are worried about road debris impacts, as well as to dress it up!! Here's what Fram had to say about their filter and a concern about the bypass valve in the OEM filter bolt.

Mr. "TopCatGr":

Thank you for the e-mail regarding the by-pass valve requirement of the PH6017A oil filter and an "exploded view" of this filter. We welcome the opportunity to be of service.

The PH6017A contains an internal pressure relief by-pass valve. This valve is visible at the bottom of the filter center tube.

Fram does not offer any exploded views or similar type diagrams of its filter products.

Thank you for choosing Fram filters.


Scott Jacobs
Catalog/Technical Service Representative
Catalog/Technical Service Department
Okay, now more info on fitment:
The OEM chamber is ~2.75 in deep, the adapter plate is ~1.15 in deep/thick, the PH6017A filter is ~3in tall, so if you have about or slightly over 1.40" of clearance between the top edge of your pipes and the bottom of your OEM filter chamber, then it will fit! A few folks have some fancy pipes that cross right beneath the OEM chamber, and they have to take their headers off to change the filter. Even if you have this much space, you will still need to drop the headers to allow extra room for spinning the filter on and off! There is also another slightly shorter filter the Fram PH6607 that can be used instead of the 6017.

If you have an oil cooler, you can now see my other product in this same section, the S.O.F.C.A. "Cooler" adapter!

Ordering INFO:
The Unit Price is $45.00 USD, includes S & H to Continental US. International Orders are a bit extra, usually $15.00 more!

PayPal account info is: TopCatGr(at)hotmail.com *Replace (at) with @ of course!
If you prefer to send check/M.O., send to:

T. Curtis Gresham
4097 Long Point Blvd.
Portsmouth, Va. 23703-5348

Please be sure to include your real name, address and XS11.com handle in comment with PayPal notice so I can keep track of who has ordered and paid, had shipped to, etc.!

Here is the link to the thread where it all began, and you can read the testimonials near the end of several folks with successful installs, Marty A.; Ralph Meeks; CMA1, and there will be many more!
Spin on Oil Filter Adapter Thread

Installation Instructions:

1.) Drain oil and remove filter chamber and mounting bolt. Allow oil to drain thoroughly from engine.

2.) Prepare engine outer seal ring by cleaning with carb cleaner or equivalent, then Acetone to remove any traces of oil residue from mating surface. Also clean central threaded hole that mounting pipe will be threaded into.

3.) Currently, adapter plate is RAW aluminum, it has not been anodized, and so to protect it from road salts and such, a spray paint coating is recommended, either color or clear. Place the central threaded pipe into the plate, and then affix the oil filter to it with a light snug, no oil on the rubber seal, yet! Then turn plate so that insided edge is down, and then after cleaning plate with Acetone, apply desired coating to outer surfaces, and allow to dry. Once dry, remove filter.

4.) Turn plate over, inspect mating surface for smoothness, if any paint dripped around edge, clean it and ensure smooth surface. Then apply a 1mm thick film of Permatex/Yamabond/or equivalent Silicone Copper High temp gasket replacement sealer onto plate's mating surface, allow to skin for about 10 minutes. Then apply generous amount of "RED Locktite for Studs" to threaded pipe that is on the inside edge of the plate, for a 1" length from end up to the plate, screwing the pipe upwards several turns to ensure coverage to the plate, then back the pipe back down so that the LockTite is coating the mating surface between the threaded pipe and the plate's mounting threads.
Apologies for poor pix quality!

**New design with O-ring/groove**

5.) Now, position the plate up to the engine, and start threading the pipe into the mounting hole, and continue threading it until it stops, about 1" into the engine, you may have to spin the adapter down a few turns until the pipe stops threading in, then you can spin the adapter up into place. Once the plate makes contact, you can then tighten it "BY HAND", or use a StrapGrip type wrench. Just don't overtorque it, the threads can be stripped that way. You will see the silicone gasket material ooze out slightly as you tighten, usually requires only about another 1/4-1/2 turn to get it really snug!!

6.) LET IT CURE OVERNIGHT or for the required 24 hours per the silicone gasket sealer's instructions!!!! Now, replace the drain plug screw, put the Fram 6017A motorcycle spin-on filter in place, this time using a thin film of oil on the rubber seal and hand tighten in place, and then fill with oil. Next, turn engine over for about 20-30 seconds, don't let it start, just to prime the filter and engine's top end with oil. Pause every 5-10 seconds to let the starter motor rest a few seconds, but you should eventually see the oil pressure light go out, then it's safe to supply fuel, choke, and start it! Of course let it warmup and then check for leaks before driving!

7.) Addendum:The O-ring groove is a new mod to the SOFA, in order to ensure a better leakproof seal, however unlike the OEM chamber and bolt, the center threaded portion does NOT provide enough pressure alone to secure the plate and compress the O-ring to seal and NOT rotate loose due to vibration, so you still need to apply the sealant to the mating surface as well as the locktite as instructed! IF the O-ring doesn’t seem to fit exactly, you can stretch it a few times and it will then fit without rolling out!
T. C. Gresham
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