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Old Yesterday, 04:36 PM
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20 years ago when I was putting this together they didn't have some of the nifty gear now available. Of the gear that I have the only real change I would make is to trade in the two-burner Coleman stove for a Jet Boil; all I really need is hot water for breakfast as most other meals are eat-out (at rallies) or simple meals (hot dogs, burgers, soup) when camping. This would save weight, space, and need for external propane canister and hose.
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I definitely didnít pay full price for the tent, found it last summer for under $100.

This place is great for superb equipment at discounted prices. Especially as summer turns into fall and manufacturers are bringing out next yearís products.


Here is a similar tent not a full coverage fly, even a bit more room. Full coverage fly really comes into play when it rains hard and long, never get wet. Helps keep heat inside the tent at night better than a partial fly.


Smaller tent but full coverage fly. Dimensions are just over 9 feet of length (7.5 feet tent floor, 1.5 feet vestibule for taking off shoes, storing gear, etc), 5 feet wide.


For $35 or $40 bucks at Walmart, or still under $100 for something that you will use for the rest of your life with a lifetime warranty.

All of my main outdoor gear is from Mountain Smith and because they are more or less local to me in Golden Colorado, I have met the folks there and they have been around for decades (1979). I have an internal frame backpack that is 25 years old and they completely redid all the straps and buckles on it at no charge under the lifetime warranty a couple years ago.

Anyway, those are some thoughts and ideas for really good equipment and not break the bank when thinking the overall picture and using things and not having to worry about them breaking and needing replacing.

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