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Old 11-02-2018, 04:13 PM
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1979 XS11 SF for sale

Hi all, I've unfortunately lost interest in my XS11 Special. It was my regular ride until I picked up my ZX-11 a couple years ago. I'm gauging interest on here first as I'd rather give you guys and gals first shot at it.

Super bike bars with 4" risers
Black 4-1 Kerker
Black painted front fender

Tires are two years old and have about 500 miles on them.
The tank is going to need to be drained and cleaned, as well as the carbs.
Front calipers are sticky, need rebuild or replacement.
I located a perfect factory seat, but where's I have it stored, the cover blew off and sun ruined it as well as the paint on the tank.
I non-opted the bike so there are no back fees.

I'm looking to sell as is for $800. If I don't have any interest at this level, I'll do the maintenance work and get it back on the road and ask $1400.

Bike is located in Fresno, CA.

TIA, James
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