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Post Maintenance free batteries made for the XS/XJ 1100's

Maintenance Free Batteries for your XS/XJ
By Gary Granger 7/30/02

There are some maintenance free batteries available for an XS11, if you know of others please e-mail me. The original battery referenced in this tip is no longer made by Honda, but any maintenance free battery that will fit a Goldwing (not sure about the 2001 and up) will also fit an XS or an XJ (but you will not have the battery sensor in an XJ, see NOTE below).

Why should you use a maintenance free battery? I use one because:

1. It will not spill.
2. It does not vent corrosive fumes.
3. It does not have to be checked for level several times during the riding season.
4. Lasts longer (usually)

Here are some comments from listers on the batteries they use:

CA.Xser and lazer
Dennis Kirk has one for a decent price. DK price is $81.99. Page 362 in the 2002 catalog.

I got one thorough my local Yamaha dealer, its a YUASA super sealed MF, the number on the box is YTX24HL-BS, Price is over $100 though.

I put a Westco 12V22 sealed battery in the XJ this spring. Think the XS uses the same one. Price was $74.95 including shipping, plus tax in Arizona since Westco has a physical presence here. Total was still around $80.00. This is an AGM type battery, not a Gel type. AGM uses conventional fluid in a sealed container. Gases are absorbed by the glass-mat technology inside the battery then reused.

I purchased a new glassmat maint free battery from Interstate Batteries. I have been an auto mechanic for almost 15 years and they are my favorite brand battery. I will take one over a diehard any day. The sealed battery for my 81 special was like $90.00. Money well spent. Interstate Battery YIX50L-BS

If you are going to put a maintenance free battery in your XJ then you need to 'fool' the battery sensor, since electrolyte level will not matter anymore, click here for tech tip.

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Update info from Fall 2013 Google Searches:

Westco Battery site supplied by MK Batteries

WCP18 Platinum series: $136.95 20 AH/ 340 CCA

12V22 Standard 22AH/ 300 CCA

Interstate batteries:

They show 2 AGM style, FAYTX24HL Cycle-TronPlus: that's fully charged 21 AH, no CCA listed: $137.95

CYTX24HL-BS Cylce-Tron II is AGM, but says it comes with an ACID PACK, so I'm thinking that you have to actually FILL it with the ACID, and then seal it up?? It's also rated at 21 AH but no CCA listed? $131.95 Retail!

BatteryMart.com has these listed: Cheapest is $92.95 with free ground shipping!



Batterystuff.com lists one for $88.00 Scorpion brand: 21 AH/ 350 CCA


The above page also shows some Lithium style, but we've discussed this, our charging system doesn't have the Finess to keep from FRYING THESE!!!


BatteriesPlus.com sells an AGM for our bikes: X2-18L with 330 CCA $119.99



Bikebandit has the Bikemaster one for $104.36 but only 230 CCA !



YuasaBatteries.com shows this model: YTX24HL-BS 21 AH/ 350 CCA ~ $136.00


Ebatteriestogo.com has: Power Source WP50-N18L-A Sealed AGM 22AH/ 350 CCA $105.95 with S&H free.



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