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Old Yesterday, 10:53 AM
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windshield for Scott

Howdy 3Phase,,,,maybe bum the clipon windshield Roo used on his bobber for the rally on his Greenie...its got good protection and quick to install since he is taking his VTX,,,,,,or you can ride down here I have a choice of a Black Vetter setup or a clip on full size slipstreamer. Without a fairing the long ride would be a challenge. Good Luck...................Mike in San Diego
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Old Yesterday, 09:15 PM
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OK, the shirt order is placed, added a few extra in popular sizes for folks that want one but haven’t responded yet.

Three out of four evenings this week have been beautiful for riding. Been doing 78 miles out and back each evening on the ZRX on a favorite sweeper curve road that leads to a fun twisty canyon road. I am liking the new Road Smart 3 tires, good tire overall. Got to get to know the new tires before I start leading you guys around in the mountains again!

Talked with Harry, he is rolling Shinko 009 Raven’s on his FJR. I ran the same tires on my ZRX and got over 10,000 miles from the rear and 12,500 out the front. Ran a set of Shinko Verge tires after them and got similar mileage. Maybe a tad less, but close enough to call them equal. Info for the sport touring fellows if they’re going to put new rubber on before the rally.

On another note, found my copy of Keith Code’s book “Twist of the Wrist II”. Man, there’s some good stuff in there in terms of riding technique and throttle control especially navigating corners. I think everyone who rides should have copy of it, no matter where you are riding, will be riding, or how much you think you know.

2018 Rally Link!!! http://www.appleattic.net/BuenaVista/BuenaVista.htm

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