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Old 10-20-2011, 09:02 PM
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Open letter to pending new members!

Hey Folks,

Just trying to post another attention getting thread to try to help folks get registered!

Folks find the Tech Discussion Forum usually thru a google search, wind up in a particular thread. Then they see the link to REGISTER/JOIN, click on it, but then get the message that registration is closed! Then they send an email to the CONTACT US email link asking about registration. And finally, possibly because of the webmail service they use, our reply from Hotmail.com gets filtered into a JUNK folder, so they never see the reply that I graciously provide telling them about the information I've placed in strategic locations on the site telling them how to get registered!

There's BOLD RED TEXT on the MAIN HOME PAGE(www.xs11.com) telling folks about Self Registration being closed, and to find the ANNOUNCEMENT at the top of EVERY sub forum, which clearly states about Self Registration being closed, and invites folks to CLICK on it to see HOW TO get registered.

They just need to email us via the Contact US link with their preferred USERNAME and PSWD(They can change it as desired) along with the year/model of their bike, AND they then need to be checking their JUNK EMAIL FOLDER for the reply from the forumadminxs11@hotmail.com address letting them know their account is ready for use...Or that they need to provide another username because the one they chose was already in use, etc.!

We tried re-opening the self registration process with the newer Captcha filter, but it only keeps out the BOTS, there are several countries like China, India, etc. that have lots of "real" people that can sit at a computer and answer the captcha question, get registered, and then start posting SPAM!

SO...this is why we've kept Self Registration closed, it only takes me a few minutes every night to register the few new members that actually find, read the ANNOUNCEMENT and send the required info, and so they get registered fairly quickly, usually 1 day!

There's a list of 10 members that I've sent replies to telling them how to get registered, but they have not replied...possibly because they never saw the reply coming from Hotmail.com because it got filtered to their JUNK folder!?
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Old 04-30-2014, 02:05 PM
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Thank You for having such a great site with good useful information and advice. It has helped me a ton as I'm new to these classic super bikes and what it takes to put one back in service and on the road.

Quite often I have problems with the XS11.com site locking me out and not allowing me to logon? Often I'am kicked over to some YaHoo BS??? Is there a contact point I can use when this is condition is experienced again?

I might be one of those guys with stuff in his JUNK file ... but don't know cause I don't look and entries are automatically dumped every 10 days. If so, sorry!

Again, THANKS!

daddy-O (aka: j.o.)
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Old 04-30-2014, 06:19 PM
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Do you have the same problems with other sites? I rarely if ever have any problems logging on. What you are describing sounds like a hijacker virus rather than a problem with the site.
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Old 05-03-2014, 07:24 AM
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You know i have long been an advocate of an introductory screening process just for the very reasons it has been implemented...oh I see this is a few yrs old...BNE where you been???
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