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Old 09-24-2018, 12:33 AM
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Battery Band, 2H7-82124-00 - Interested?

This is a part that is just not available, at least no NOS store or eBay listing I've seen and I've been looking for many months. I've also pinged bike junk yards in the US. Nada. I have seen posts in both England and Australia with folks asking it anyone had one.

A friend of mine has agreed to fabricate a replacement. It won't be identical to the original, but will service the same function and slide in place of the original. When painted black and behind the side cover, it will be close. Is anyone interested in obtaining one? If so, I will post pix of an original I have from my 78 E as well as the replacement he's making for my 80 LG. They all used the same part number. If there's interest, you'll be able to purchase directly from my friend through his website where he sells custom motorcycle stands.

Just seeing what level of interest there is.


78 XS1100E touring, original owner
78 XS1100E, restored stock
80 XS1100LG Midnight Special, restoration project
83 XJ750MK Midnight Special, restoration project
97 FLH, original owner
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