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Old 06-12-2019, 09:14 AM
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Misunderstanding.....& A Cheap Hobby

Originally Posted by Bonz View Post
Running a 1990 tire and joking about having already replaced the 1985 tire is just not smart. Donít want that near anyone on any kind a ride Iím a part of.
You misunderstood. Mike also recently acquired an older VMAX bike which came with the 34 year old tires. The "Joke" was that some other *&^$# P.O. was riding around on this crap. Just like every bike I pick-up, he and I both find that the previous owners ride their machines on garbage. We both ride extremely safe machines.

A year or so back, I posted up here that I had replaced the brake lines on one of my bikes with new SS lines. It is absolutely done on EVERY bike I own before I start any real driving. Although I honestly have gone around the block on the old ones at couple times.

A person from this site sent me message after message after message begging me to send him my old set. My response was "What the *&&^^%$% are you wanting 37 year old brake lines for? These are DECADES beyond useful life!!"

"I only want them to test my bike and can't afford to buy new ones yet" was his response. Knowing full well that this person would likely be on the road with these I chopped them in pieces and tossed 'em in the trash..... They were obviously not mailed to the requester.

Another rant coming.....
Somewhere somebody gave a bunch of folks the idea that motorcycling is an inexpensive hobby. These people buy a $300-500 bike and are upset they need to spend another $500+ just to replace the tires, brakes, hoses, etc. and they want to argue that what they have is good.
This is NOT a cheap hobby. Sure you can pinch-a-penny on paint, decals, chrome, and even drive around on a torn up old seat. but the Tires, Brakes, Hoses, and PROPER routine maintenance is NOT CHEAP.

Rant over.....
Kurt Boehringer
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Old 06-12-2019, 01:44 PM
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Kurt: ...and I thought you were about to tell us about the time you rode a bike without any brakes at all.

I still think my motorcycle hobby is cheap.

If I add up all the cost in my 7 registered bikes and parts, it is still far less than the cost of one new Harley.

It's half the cost of one old muscle car.

Maybe about the same cost as a few ski trips, or heaven forbid, the cost to visit Disney World a few times.

For all the enjoyment I have had, I think it's cheap.

Rationalization over.
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Old 06-12-2019, 04:06 PM
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Lol, I totally misread that!

Ď01 ZRX 1200, only bike in the garage.

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