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Old 04-30-2012, 12:46 AM
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Exclamation Please Read First!! How to Use!

These interchange guides are to help you identify what you may have or need in the way of stock parts to replace or repair OEM XS parts. These are not meant as 'how-tos' or as modification guides per se. These also won't cover every possible part, pretty much being limited to main assemblies. I will try to note year-to-year minor changes on some items for those trying to do an accurate restoration, but mostly this is to help owners educate themselves as to what parts will actually work on their specific bike and a means of identifying them. For non-OEM swap 'how-to' information, check the 'modifications' forum or perform a forum search for more specific information.

The scope of this will be mainly for the XS models, as while the XJ shares some parts with it's earlier cousins, many more are XJ-only and as such if it's not mentioned as fitting between the XS and XJ or mentioned at all, figure that there's no interchange as a bolt-on part. These guides won't cover non-North America models, as there's just too many subtle differences that would be impossible to verify.

There are additional places you can check; the following links will show exploded diagrams and parts lists for all models but all will have the limitation of only showing service parts (i.e. factory replacement but not necessarily the same as what was installed on the production line as OEM) and furthermore will show parts with different finishes as separate items even though they may be functionally the same (as an example, many Midnight Special parts are finished in black or gold but are the same as non-MNS parts otherwise). If there's a disagreement between the linked sources and these guides, believe this guide as I'm showing interchanges or differences that have been verified.

This site is a long-running UK site and is very helpful as it has pictures of many of the parts. After finding the specific part, the pictures (if available) can be seen by clicking on the part number. This will also show at least a partial list of other bikes that used this part. Main drawback is the interchange list is limited to the bikes listed at the main page, so it may not be a complete list. There are errors too, so check carefully.

This is a dealer site, and mostly duplicates the above site. One main difference is clicking on the part number will show all Yamaha motorcycles this part was used on, opening a wider search for replacements.

I'm including this site as they do stock many obsolete parts. No help in determining which part you need, but once you have a part number, a good source for some hard-to-find bits.

Lastly, the 'official' Yamaha site. Unfortunately, their XS bike list is incomplete as not every model is shown every year, but they do show 'superceded' parts (newer replacement parts) that may still be available. No interchange info with other models at all.

I hope you find this useful.... happy hunting!
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