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Old 07-08-2013, 03:28 PM
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Hi CWork !

Welcome !!!!!

I bought a new black 79 special back in the Oct. 79 as a birthday present to me from me. Ended up selling it with 56K on it in 86. That stock seat is the best long distance seat you will ever find don't get rid of that seat !!!!! Went through very many other bikes and never found a better bike or comfort. The bars can be dealt with depending on the angle you put them at but if you put some other bars on keep the originals and that seat. Change the oil regular, Yama Lube is good, there are other good oils but Yam has a good product. I beat the H out of my 79 and it was getting weaker at 56K. Does not mean you have to baby it all the time, they like to go >>>>>>>>>>> Watch yourself though when I first twisted my 79 I went sideways the second time I went upwards, DANGER DANGER !!!!!
Have fun and ask before you do anything !
GOOD LUCK ! Done };-)
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1979 special, advice, for sale, new member, xs1100

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