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Old 06-07-2014, 07:41 AM
andreashweiss andreashweiss is offline
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XS1100 parts for sale-summary-andreas

81LH wire harness, xj seat, 81 pickup coil assembly,4r0/2h7 tci ignition box, 81LH cylinder head, 4 pistons/rings/connecting rods, 80g jugs with pistons/rings/connecting rods, starters, clutches, middle/final drives, universal/driveshaft,std model tachs, 81LH gauge clusters, std/special gauge clusters, kicker shaft/spring/emergency kicker, pickup coil covers, xs/xj oil pans, xj altinater/pickup coils, front/rear axles, complete engine mount sets, centrestands/sidestands, left special caliper, rear caliper, front/rear brake lines, complete airboxes, plastic tool holders, cam chain adjuster, almost every electrical plugin, xs/xj regulater, speedo drive gear, plastic final drive dust cover, almost every piece of rubber, misc nuts/bolts, special triple trees, chrome swingarm caps, battery boxes, non slotted brake rotors, rectangle taillights,front fenders, rear wheel drive spline assembly, stock front four exhaust pipes, no crossover, no heat shields, no rear cans, please use private message system to reply, year/model/location is always helpful, like to quote one price that includes shipping, note cosmetic stuff is driver quality, no calls after 8pm pacific if calling 1 250 495 3445, as always money back if you are ever not happy with what ya got
Note no shipping 07-16 june... gone fishing... thanx andreas
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