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Old 11-19-2019, 08:42 AM
andreashweiss andreashweiss is offline
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stock yamaha xs1100 parts for sale-andreas

send me a pm or call the land line, no calls after 8pm pacific. If you include a shipping location will quote a shipped price. 1 250 495 344five. Summary of current parts: octopus, std fuel sending unit, std petcocks, chrome for special petcocks, 78 seat chrome bar, rear brake calipers/brackets/pads, f/r brake lines, std front calipers/brackets, front/rear wheel bearing for std model(NOS), fork seal and inner dust seal? for std forks (NOS), fork caps for special model, 4r0 TCI, 4r0 pickup coils, axles, 78e/81sh valves, 79sf/81sh jugs with pistons/rings/rods, 78e/79sf complete engines, transmission, starters, middle/final drives, clutches, oil pumps, oil pan, rear brake lever, shifter, side stand, trans cover, bearing cover, oil lines, cam chain adjuster, clutch adjuster, clutch/throttle/speedo cable, speedo drive gear, special side reflectors, taillights, universal/drive shaft, rear wheel spline/white cover, special under tank plastic cover, engine bolts, most of the electrical plug ins to harness, rubber pieces, std gauges/cluster, special gauge cluster, std tank chrome tray, ignition switch/side cover lock/helmet lock with key code but no key, carb intake boots, air boxes, battery metal trays, side stands, throttle sleeves/grips, clutch adjuster round cover, emergency kicker, triple trees
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