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Originally Posted by 3Phase View Post
Brant, it's getting ridden 'till it don't ride no more.

I put a new set of Dunlops on it this afternoon, an Elite 3 rear and some namless Dunlop front, so I'm not running squared off tires that are almost bald in the center.

When I get to my dad's in Kentucky, I'll see about getting another cam. Unfortunately, I can't just phone home because neither one of my brothers are mechanically 'ept, with my continued good fortune I could wind up with a 2H7 exhaust cam instead of a 3H5 intake.
Kinda' figured that was where things were headed by that first sentence anyways. Good luck and be safe!
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Hi All,

So far, so good. Lots of XSives showed up today from all over the US and Canada. Welcome to everyone. We will start early tomorrow with breakfast, then on to some fantastic riding in the Great Smoky Mountains. Can't wait!

More later.

P.S. We miss you Jeff and Brent.
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Where is Billy Roc?
Marty (in Georgia)
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Scott and the rest of you guys, really happy to see a fun rally getting underway!

Scott, that picture of the cam lobe looks like some scuffing. I can't see where there's any major damage? Or is that like an indentation running the width of the lobe? Other than the gray scuffing, the surface looks shiny. Maybe I just can't tell.

Heck, you should see some of the lobes that come out of the ZRX 1200's, due to poor metallurgy in manufacture they pit terribly but seem to reach a point where they don't pit anymore and performance is no worse for the wear.

You were adjusting the valves at the Colorado rally back in July, and then decided you didn't need to adjust them after all, or something like that?

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Still needs 750/850 FD mod and ACCT mod.

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