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Old 04-25-2018, 08:01 AM
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xs1100 parts for sale-andreas

Here is a small summary of the stock used parts in the parts pile: std tank fuel petcocks, sending unit, tank rubber mounts all five, front/rear brake switches, rubber bits, engine bolts, oil pumps, 78/79 carbs, special forks, regulators, 81sh taillight assemblies, gauge clusters for std and special, std tach, Std metric speedo, 78e side covers/seat cowling, 78e cylinder jugs,81sh jugs, 81sh cylinder head, Four sets of crank bearing, crank with chain, front special left caliper, rear calipers, 79sf wire harness,81sh wire harness, 4r0/2h7 pickup coil assembly, 2h7/4r0 tci, solenoids, ballast resister, flasher relay, reserve light unit, starters, alternators, left engine covers, oil pans, oil filter assemblies, clutches, middle/final drives, valves for 78e, universal/driveshaft, , 81H bagger rear signals and long bar, emergency kicker, front/rear axles, complete engine mount sets, side stands, rear brake metal brackets, front/rear brake lines, complete air boxes, some air box parts, plastic tool box holders, cam chain adjuster, misc electrical plugins from harness, speedo drive gear, plastic final drive dust cover, misc rubber pieces, misc nuts/bolts, special/std triple trees, chrome swing arm caps, battery boxes, non slotted rotors, 81SH seat, rear wheel drive spline assembly, etc please use private message system to reply, year/model/location is always helpful, like to quote one price that includes shipping. Have some big parts that are just too difficult to ship.79sf front header pipes with aftermarket cans, 78e stock exhaust,79sf engine mileage unknown, 78e engine with 48000km, these are a great price but pickup at shop door only. no calls after 8pm pacific if calling 1 250 495 3445, as always money back if you are ever not happy with what ya got. thanx andreas
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Old 05-08-2018, 11:12 AM
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Looking for any brand exhaust that is complete for 78 XS11.

First bike was an: 1978 XS1100
Second bike is an FJR1300.
Now I'm restoring a '79 XS1100.
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Old 05-31-2018, 04:42 PM
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final drive

Since I jacked up 2 perfectly good drives by taking them apart to check their condition, I am in the market, and am willing to pay extra, for a good, low mile final drive.

'82 xj1100
"Galaxy" 1982 XJ1100J, 1983 XV handlebars, new fusebox, homemade SS wind screen and SS muffler heat shields, homemade grab bar extension and luggage rack. XS750 140 mph speedo, '81 Venture oil cooler, V-Max ACCT, Yahman YICS Eliminator, 1st and 2nd gear Dremel fix.
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