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Old 05-17-2017, 01:42 PM
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I'm back!

Hey everyone, Sebastian here. I'm back on the forum and immediately went to see whether there is gonna be a rally this year. Life got in the way (as it has a knack of doing) and I've been MIA for a few years. Definitely count me in for this years rally. I like the area that Bonz was talking about, I was out camping for 10 days up there this past summer with the wife and kid.

All I have to do to get ready is figure out how to get my old touring package back on my bike ('79 XS11 Special, Pacifico fairing). I might be soliciting advice/help when I get into that.

Also, anyone have an issue with my brother tagging along with me? He used to own an XS but it threw a rod so he sold it. He's riding a VMAX now.
79 SF
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Old 05-17-2017, 02:07 PM
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Glad to have you back in the fold. You bet, your brother is welcome to come. A Vmax would be a nice addition to the other non Xs 1100 bikes that are coming already. Read through the full thread, there's some good stuff and good non related stuff too.

For campsites I am asking for a $20 deposit per person to offset what I paid up front in late winter. If you are doing a hotel check with the ones that are referenced in the thread for pricing and availability.

$20 deposit Paypal: hbonser611@gmail.com

'80SG, Showa shocks, 750 FD, 24,617 miles as of 4/16/17, 7,200' elev, 107.5 mains, 2.25 turns, K&N air filter, stainless front lines, 39 mpg all around, auto CCT, Plexifairing III.

'01 Kawasaki ZRX 1200. Rifle Superbike Fairing, Muzzy 4-2-1, ZX11D ECU, +4 adv, pods, stick coils, CVK40 carbs, cams & pistons from ZZR 1200.

1982 Yamaha Vision 550 project. It runs, 3-20-17! Fun and quick, a bike with "soul".
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Old 05-21-2017, 02:19 PM
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Cali contingent and any others MORE than welcome here, as usual. Anita and I are more than happy to 'cage' lead y'all up to Kremmling, any of the three option rides north off of I-70. That way, y'all can enjoy the ride/scenery for 225mi. and not be concerned bout directions. Fuel/drink stops planned just as if Anita and I were on two wheels. There, we have res. at the Super8.
81H Venturer1100 "The Bentley" (on steroids) 97 Yamaha YZ250(age reducer) 92 Honda ST1100 "Twisty"(touring rocket) Age is relative to the number of seconds counted 'airing' out an 85ft. table-top.

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