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Old 11-25-2004, 10:39 AM
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From the DK catalog, fitting parameters for NGK plug caps:

1st Letter code: Plug shape
L=90 degree elbow
S=Straight type
T=Special 90..has extra cap beyond junction for gripping
X=102 degree elbow
V=120 degree elbow long type
Y=120 degree elbow short type

2nd letter code: Plug size

3rd numeric code: resistance
05=5 Kohm
10=10 Kohm

4th letter code: Adaptable plug terminal
E=terminal nut
F=terminal stud=T.S.

5th letter code: accessory type
H=compact type
P=special waterproof cover
M=rubber sheathed
R=resistor type

6th letter code:
Just some of the models available thru DK:

NGK# DK# '02 Prices Description
LB05F 20-51 $2.40 90 degree/14mm/5Kohm/T.S.
VB05F 20-303 $3.30 120 deg LONG/14mm/5Kohm/T.S.
XB05F 20-305 $3.30 102 deg/14mm/5Kohm/T.S.
YB05F 20-307 $3.30 120 deg LONG/14mm/5Kohm/T.S.

PS, I should probably make this a tech tip!
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Old 11-27-2004, 11:15 PM
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Plug Caps

So as I understand it the closest to stock would be -

NGK# DK# Price '02 Description
LB05F 20-51 $2.40 90 degree/14mm/5Kohm/T.S.
XB05F 20-305 $3.30 102 deg/14mm/5Kohm/T.S.
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