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Old 05-18-2017, 06:27 PM
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First, check your clearances and write them down. Second, remove and replace shims one at a time recording the number printed on the bottom. Now you can determine which sizes you need to buy/trade and which ones you have that can be re used in a new location. The shims are super hardened and don't wear. If it makes you feel better, you can check them with a micrometer.

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Old 05-18-2017, 10:14 PM
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install the shims with the etched number down so you can still read it next time you need to check. a caliper is accurate enough to measure any that have had their numbers erased. when buying must be 29mm watch out for 29.5 mm used by some other bikes (BMW I think) as they will not fit in the bucket. Most bike shops will trade with you for a few $$
Good luck. I have seen it done It requires concentration and following the procedure to the letter. Take your time.
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Old 05-19-2017, 01:48 PM
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Thanks Phils
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Old 05-24-2017, 09:07 AM
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If you can't find what you need at a shop, PM me. I keep a few around here even though I'm down to just one XS1100. I can 2 day them out to you. DO NOT BUY THE CHEAP CHINESE ONES ON EBAY!!! I've made the mistake, and had two break on me in the bike!
Ray Matteis
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