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Old 10-12-2005, 11:16 PM
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Pod filters w/ stacks pictorial

I finally got my new 120 mains and finally got to mount my pod filters. I mounted with the stock velocity stacks. I took some pics and thought I would share. It still needs some tuning, but the way it sounds when you crack the throttle is amazing.

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Old 10-13-2005, 12:12 AM
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Past Experience...

Not trying to knock your setup, but wanted to let you know I had a very similar setup on mine ... until my left petcock started leaking. The gas dripped onto the two left filters and literally melted them.

Have a look...

Pretty nasty huh???
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Old 07-08-2007, 09:27 PM
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Another technique for Velocity Stacks

How about this adaptation? I had said first about getting some stuff from LOWES, but I had quoted the wrong sizes. The correct size of Flexible Rubber Coupler is 1-1/2" cause they size them for the "inner" diameter of the pipe being joined, not the outer! I also measured some 1-1/2" PVC pipe, but it wasn't quite wide enough, but the 1-1/4" PVC coupler IS wide enough.

Here's my original pod filters mounted:

The pod filter mounting rubber with prominent lip blocking the intake ports and such!

Below is a shot of the Rubber coupler after it was cut in half, and then mounted it with the cut off end onto the carb inlet bell. The part of the rubber where the hose clamp fits would not fit close enough to the carb body to secure it properly. You have to
S-T-R-E-T-C-H the rubber a bit but it will fit, and then clamp it with the hose clamp.

Here's a view down the throat showing no restriction to the inlet ports!

Here are a couple shots with the PVC coupler cut in half and mounted about halfway into the rubber coupler, and again looking down into the throat!

Here's the PVC coupler sticking out some from the rubber coupler, had to put a few layers of Duct Tape around it for the Filter Pods to fit onto it a little more securely, since the Pods were the 54mm size. IF they had been 52mm, they would have probably just slid and tightened right down onto the plain PVC coupler!

**Since posting this, I found some nifty rubber repair tape in the plumbing section which works much better than the Duct Tape!

And here's the filter mounted to the rubber/PVC adapters! I ran out of time today to finish the other three!

Almost forgot, final rundown of cost:
4 Hose Extra Clamps: $3.50
2 of 1-1/2" Rubber Couplers: ~$7.00
2 of 1-1/4" PVC Coupler: $1.12
Total: $11.62 + tax!

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