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Old 11-03-2011, 02:27 AM
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Don't know

Don't know about film left from polishing i would want everything cleaned from the piston groves before rings installed. Might be OK to not spary the tops? Don't see how it would hert as no OX, or residue, just me, not saying it is the best way
Originally Posted by petejw View Post
i wouldnt wash em in soap and water either,
if u use the buffer properly without overloading it
with compound there shouldnt be anything left
after buffing and if there is a soft polishing cloth would
be enuff to remove any xs compound.
isnt the prep clean a wax and grease remover?
that would also remove any film left by the compound/rogue

have a look at my pistons they were just
buffed and left alone after that, ive got over 500k's on them
atm and they look as good as they did when i put them in.
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crowns, cylinder cleaning, piston, pistons

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