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Old 09-20-2013, 11:09 AM
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posting a poll?

I'd like to post a poll but can't figure out how to get the poll option to work. I see the place in "Additional options" to check; "Yes, post a poll with this thread" & "Number of poll questions" to select but no window opens to put the poll questions. I entered poll questions in the message body but under "preview Post" I see no poll.

Perhaps the poll only shows up with a post, since there is the 10 minute requirement to make clarifying changes, I don't want to post something that isn't working as a poll and will not be changeable in such a short time.

How do I enter poll questions after checking the to poll box and choosing how many poll questions?



Ah, it's after you post that the poll question fields comes up. Maybe this post will answer someone else's same question.
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