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Old 04-19-2009, 10:50 PM
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Lightbulb Xcellerator build...

Been a while since I posted, and no I still haven't figured how to take more time for before and after pics, but here's a recap and update. Plus I get sick everytime I have to look at my last thread where I had a major glitch.

May 2008, $1000 46K miles. No clue about an XS11, but hey check out that handy-dandy lil' site I found called XS11.com!! What following, and what a bike!!!

After trekking to and back from work all summer, I garaged her for the fog season here in the central valley. I put a new Dunlop GT-501 on the front, new brake pads, surfaced the rotors, and rebuilt the forks.

I lowered the rear 1 1/2 inches with H-D Sportster shocks. I got some 12" ape hangers from a buddy at work. They are fun to make work with a Japanese bike But they just felt so good!

Bag bars from a 2003 V-Star 650 Classic. Bags will be on soon. I ebay'ed some H-D switches from a 97-06 Dyna. Thank goonies I'm an electrician. I'll share the schematic I made with anyone who's crazy enough to take this task on. Mating H-D switches to a Japanese wire harness was not meant to be. I do have to operate the turn signals manually though, I still need an H-D turn relay.

Took an LED hitch cover to use for the tail light. Not to visable in the day my buddy Dave says. It looks cool at night at least. Still no rear blinkers,

Scored a 79' XS11 Head light assy. Yep, those are the stock tail blinkers till I come up with something cool!

Yesterday, I went to my favorite junkyard and got some stuff to get her on the road. Found a H-D clutch lever and perch. I needed longer cables cause of the bars, so a 60" cable from a 80 Suzuki Elite works perfect. I got a 46" throttle cable, from a honda CBR still to install. A 32" brake line for the front brakes. Oh and to top it off, look at the seat I found! Looks like V-Star. A little saddle soap and we got on the road today!

Yeah, on the road today! I still need a Harley brake lever and reservior for the front, rear blinkers (never know when a cop in know is behind you) and I need to adjust the seat mounting a bit more. Needs more tilt to the back.

My buddy Dave, and I took her out for a 150 mile shake-down. Great news! I didn't forget to tighten anything and the rear brake stops me enought for now. Man is she comfy to ride!
1980 XS11
-47,000 miles
-rear dropped 1 1/2" w/HD Sporster Shox
-HD 12" apes & controls
-V*Star seat & bags

"You ridin' a Harley, or are you just to see me?"
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