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Old 05-31-2007, 09:50 PM
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Thumbs up Great XS Eleven/Special Key FOBS! ALL SOLD OUT!

Sorry folks, that was fast, but the keyfobs are ALL SOLD OUT!

We currently have a small quantity(37 as of 5-31-2007) of XS11 Key Fobs in stock. These are two sided with XS Eleven on one side and XS Eleven Special on the other.

One side.

The other side.

These are an awesome key fob and a steal at $9.00 each (includes shipping within USA). We will not be able to get them at this price again. So hurry up and buy one !!

Sales of this item are used to support the site.

Please send payment thru PayPal to my email addy: topcatgr(at)cox.net
Just replace the (at) with the @ symbol when typing in the send money to box! If you want to send Check/M.O., then PM me to receive my snail mail info. Remember to include your snail mail addy in the reply box with your payment!

International customers are welcome but there will be an additional shipping fee, PM me for details and final amount before ordering/sending $$ !

I think postage insurance is unnecessary. Thanks!
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