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Old 07-21-2015, 02:14 PM
Haarstad Haarstad is offline
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From SG, to SF

Figured I'd start a quick thread showing off my old bike and throw up a picture of my new one before i started modifying.

My bone stock 1980 XS1100 Special (SG) was my baby and ran beautifully from my first mods in MN, to Pods and rejetting in Colorado, and back to MN for another session of rejetting
I had purchased this rough diamond from a friend of a friend for $600 and after getting her all cleaned up, new bars and reupholstering the seat, She kept me busy for a whole season of riding. Unfortunately, i have no pictures of before my mods started as I had reupholstered the seat and had new handlebars on in about a week

Las year was mostly riding, i was living in Colorado and couldn't stay out of the mountains
First mod of last year was the Fuel lines and carb holding boots. I had put new clear lines on the year prior but they were corroded and had cracked on every bend . The carb holding boots had some rubber sealer around them and though they worked fine, they really bothered me. I had purchased new ones so i swapped them out as well.

After riding this way for a month or so i was very happy to receive my pod filters in the mail, along with a couple sets of jets . What i was most excited about.. Not having to wiggle those carbs in and out of between two sets of boots!
Everything went together fine and after rejetting and syncing the carbs, she was a joy to ride for the whole year in the mountains!

Now comes the final chapter of my SG.. This spring i got her out and she was running beautiful! I had decided it was time to complete my style i was going for and I purchased new highway pegs, bar end mirrors, and a tool bag for under the headlight. This was the last time i got to ride her...

Two short day after this photo was taken, my friend took it for a spin and laid her down on gravel around the 30mph mark. He was fine but my baby got all sorts of beat up..

2 long months passed after the most disappointing day of my life and my friend purchased the (still wrecked) SG and started chopping..

About a week ago i finally made the choice to purchase my dad's old bike. This 1979 XS1100 Special (SF) was a complete bagger just over a week ago and she has started to take shape. I am creating a kind of build thread for this bike so all you get to see here is what she looked like the day of purchase! (Saddle Bags not attached)

Eric Haarstad

1979 XS1100 Special
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Old 07-24-2015, 07:25 AM
BowlingSS BowlingSS is offline
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Sorry about the SG but your SF looks great. What are you going to do to it?

1980 XS1100 SG
Jardine Spaghetti with Harley Mufflers
1972,73,81 Yamaha XS650
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mods, xs1100sf, xs1100sg

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