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Old 08-05-2018, 07:52 AM
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Thumbs down Chinese Intake Boots - BAD! BEWARE!!!!

XS11 Friends...…

As usual, ya' get what you pay for!

I purchased a set of cheap intake boots from China. They looked GREAT (at first glance) and I IMMEDIATELY ordered another set (before installing the first set).

When I finally got around to installing the first set, I quickly realized they had put the tuning ports in the wrong position(s) on the boots. Basically, they put the left ports in a location appropriate for the right boots and vice-versa. When the carb port is oriented properly, the tuning port is wrong and vice-versa here too. See the photos here I sent to the seller...…

Just try and explain this to someone that doesn't speak your language well! The seller's wanted them shipped back for a refund. Ain't wasting the time for that.....

I WAS able to make them work by plugging the port on the inside boot and adding another using ports from the bad set. Without some advanced tools, this "repair" would be impossible.

The "BOOTS" are very nice.... too bad they couldn't put the tuning ports in the correct locations.

Ebay Parts Labeled as "UP2 MOTO" Part Number JKJ-20

Carburetor Intake Interface Glue For Yamaha XS1100LH 1981 / XS1100SH 1981

100% Brand new high class quality and very durable

Good working condition and easy to install

Color: Black

Material: Rubber

Package included: 4X Carburetor adapter interface

Fit for :
Yamaha 2H7-13586-00-00:
Yamaha XS1100 1978-1982
Yamaha XS1100E 1978
Yamaha XS1100F 1979
Yamaha XS1100G 1980
Yamaha XS1100LG 1980
Yamaha XS1100SG 1980
Yamaha XS1100H 1981
Yamaha XS1100LH1981
Yamaha XS1100SH 1981
Yamaha XJ1100 1982
Yamaha XJ1100J 1982"


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Old 08-08-2018, 11:56 AM
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Thanks for the heads up. Hopefully this saves others from disappointment.
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Old 09-10-2018, 06:31 PM
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I bought some too, and was told that this their first venture with this product and wanted to know the problem.I told her, and asked if she wanted pictures. She said no, and refunded me. I bought similar ones and they were fine.
Mark Yac

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