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Old 04-28-2017, 10:40 PM
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New Piston Rings 3J2-11610-00-00 STD

I've seen some discussions about the piston rings from eBay seller cruzinimage.
I snagged a couple of STD sets and decided to measure one pack to see if they'll work.

1982 Yamaha XJ1100J Piston Rings

New 3J2-11610-00-00 rings:

Partzilla $49.61 EACH! * 4 = $198.44

eBay cruzinimage_co $42.95 for a set of 4

To keep it simple, I'll put the measurements here at the top and follow with the pictures.

OEM 1982 XJ1100J piston rings after 60,00 miles
Top ring 1.177 mm x 3.084 mm (steel)
2nd ring 1.477 mm x 3.014 mm (cast)
Upper and Lower oil rails 0.454 mm x 2.376 mm
Oil pack height thickness 2.704 mm

New 3J2-1610-00-00 STD rings from cruzinimage
All rings are coated
Top ring 1.182 mm x 3.013 mm (Hopefully steel)
2nd ring 1.487 mm x 3.080 mm (cast)
Upper and Lower oil rails 0.462 mm x 2.24 mm
Oil pack thickness 2.750 mm

It looks like the new rings will work just fine!

OEM XJ1100 rings with 60,00 miles on them

I discovered that the Top ring is steel and the 2nd ring is cast.

Wear example from #2 piston's rings

New! 3J2-11610-00-00 STD piston rings from cruzinimage_co

New ring measurements



Oil ring pack

Oil rails

XJ1100 rings after 60,000 miles



Oil ring pack

Oil rails

XJ1100J ring specifications

-- Scott

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1980 XS1100G: "Columbo" SS Brakes, '850 FD, ACCT
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