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Old 09-04-2017, 07:59 PM
sorbemca sorbemca is offline
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More questions for the experts

I'm rehabilitating a '79 SF and could use some assistance from the experts here.

As we know the Special is "special" and has some unique features. Does anyone have a link to the parts drawings of the Special? I can find the "F" model drawings, but nothing on the "SF".

First the front brakes need work, I've sourced a new MC from Mikes, as well as new pads, steel braid hoses, and rebuild kits from other sources. New pistons from HVC are on order too. I want to replace the o-ring in the caliper mounting bolt assy, anyone know what size it is?

All the petcock rebuild kits I see are missing the drain plug screw sealing washers. Anyone know what size that one is? My 1980 Cymer manual does not give the exact size.

Thanks in advance. I'm also looking for a Special fork brace (I've posted in looking for parts too)

79 SF

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brakes, drawings, fork brace, petcocks, special

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