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Old 09-02-2002, 09:16 AM
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XS/XJ 1100 Cd-rom

XSive Rob Mills has done an incredible job compiling on CD ROM an encyclopedic collection of XS/XJ 1100 factory and aftermarket manuals, and microfiche. What follows is his description.

The CD contains 1250+ pages and is ~600 MB. All the files are in the root directory of the CD so it should work well on both PC and Mac systems. An internet browser and the free Adobe Acrobat Reader are required for navigating the indexes. Topics included on the CD are: (* = new in this edition)

1978 E model Factory Service Manual
1979 F model supplement
1979 SF model supplement
1980 G model supplement
1980 SG model supplement
1981 H model supplement
1981 SH model supplement
1981 SG model supplement
Multilingual Shaft drive manual
1982 XJ Factory Service Manual
*1982 XJ parts microfiche
*1979 SF model parts microfiche
*1980 LG model parts microfiche
1981 H model parts microfiche
1981 SH model parts microfiche
*1980 LG model owners manual
*Vetter Fairing Manual and Supplements
*Wiring diagrams for all models

The CDs won't have much for labeling and may be shipped in recycled jewel cases.

The price is $10.00 US (includes postage) and, since this a NON-PROFIT enterprise, all money over the cost of production will be donated to the Gallatin Valley Humane Society. If you want to send more it will be contributed directly. This animal shelter has a non-kill policy and does a fantastic job finding homes for the critters.

To order:
-- PLEASE send an email to rockjok@imt.net with your request and complete shipping address. (I use these for labels and order tracking)

-- Wait until you get an email reply before sending payment, sometimes I'm out of town for a couple weeks at a time.

-- Then include your shipping address and email address with your payment. (Folks outside the US may want to chance sending cash rather than spending a bunch extra on an international money order). I have received money orders with no name or address on them - that makes it hard to know who to send the CD to!

-- If you haven't received the CD in a reasonable amount of time after sending your payment(10-12 days?), email me and I'll try and figure out what went wrong.

My address is:
Rob Mills
721 S. Tracy
Bozeman MT 59715

Rob Mills
Mike * Seattle * 82 F'n'XJ1100 *

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