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Old 01-01-2019, 05:37 PM
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2 exhaust systems

Have 2 complete systems in good shape for sale. One is a Jardine spaghetti with mufflers having the cross over pipe. One of the mufflers needed some welding just after the collector. Here it is on my XJ when I bought it --


The other system came on a 1981 Venturer that I bought 3 or 4 years back so I guess it should bolt right up to a Special but you may want to verify that. One of the mufflers has a label on it stating it was made for a pre 1983 bike so it does not meet current noise standards. There is no packing in the mufflers but it appears the baffles unbolt out of the back and they could be packed to quiet them down.

Looking for $150 for each plus shipping (just want to get my $ back out of them). If interested, PM me an email address so I can send pics and answer any questions you might have. Thanks - Billy

1982 XJ1100, Ceramic Coated Headers, Raptor ACCT, Barnett Clutch Springs, Dremmel Fix, TC's Fuse Block, De-Linked S/S Brake Lines, 850 Final Drive, Yahman's YICS Eliminator, Pods, stock jets
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