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Old 07-23-2003, 10:35 AM
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Spark Plugs for XS11 list

These are in alpha order by mfgr.

XS11 Spark Plugs

AC Delco:
Rapid Fire #AC-4

Platinum #ASP-AP63
Double Platinum #ASP-APP63

Bosch #BSA-7500
Bosch Platinum #BSA-4216
Bosch Copper Electrode #W7DC
Bosch Platinum Electrode #W7DP
Bosch Super 4 #WR78
Plat.Plus #4016
Plat+2 #4310
Plat+4 #4477

stock# 3415 - Mercedes plat
Champion Standard #N9YC
Champion Internal Resistor #RN9YC
Platinum #CHA-3415
Copper Plus #CHA-415
Champion Wide gap 0.032" (0.8mm) #N9YCC
Champion V tip electrode, Gold Palladium Tip #2415

BPR6ES #7131
V tip BP6EY
Platinum BPR6EVX
BPR6ES-10 widegap
BPR6ES-11 widegap
BP5ES #7832

Triple Plat #TP6C

Information obtained from me asking at parts stores and also from

http://carport.virtualave.net/mgb_ov...nter_parts.htm and fusionking.

Note: If you have addtions or corrections to this list please PM a moderator so we can keep the list updated. Thanks! sixtysix, 08/11/03.
1979 XS11F Standard - Maya - 1196cc (out of order)
1978 XS11E Standard - Nina - 1101cc

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