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More than just your basic how-to

The tips pages are a place where you can find useful technical information about your favorite bike and your favorite sport. You have the opportunity to add to this "archive of wisdom." If there is a topic you feel qualified to write about, send it to me and together we can polish your nugget of insight into a sparkling gem to share with the world. Okay, okay, enough schmooze. :-)

We now have in place an easy means of adding new content.  Weather it be a write up with photos, or even a video, we can add it easily.  If you would like to be considered for article submission, ask one of the forum moderators about what you'd like to do.   We welcome new content eagerly! 

BTW, Just in case you're not sure which area to look for a tip in (they're all worth a look) here's the logic:

  • Maintenance - things that you have to do to your bike periodically to keep it running like it should.
  • Repairs - things that you do to your bike when it breaks or to return it to stock condition.
  • Modifications - things that you do to your bike when it either breaks (but returning it to stock condition is not possible or desireable) or when you just want to alter the bike from stock.
  • Riding - things that you might want to know to improve your skills or enjoyment on the road.
  • Miscellaneous - things that don't seem to fall into the categories listed above.