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Pick-up Coil Wire Repair
by Ken Talbot

To fix your broken pickup coil wires, you will need to assemble a few tools.

  • scissors
  • needlenose pliers
  • soldering gun
  • solder
  • heat shrink tubing
  • 5mm allen wrench
  • phillips screwdriver

Remove the timing cover. Start the engine and note how the wires flex

as the plate moves back and forth with changes in engine vacuum.

Using the pliers or your fingers, gently tug at each of the wires. If the engine suddenly slows or dies, you have found a broken wire. Shut the engine off now before proceeding.

Next, to be sure you have found the break, pull a bit harder on the wire until you see the insulation begin to stretch. It will neck down like the middle of an hourglass as in this picture, just above my thumb.

Now would be a good time to pull about 1/4" more wire inside the timing cover to give yourself a bit of slack to work with. There will be plenty of slack outside of the timing cover. Pull on the broken wire again, and use the scissors to cut the insulation in the middle of the stretched section. Then strip about 1/4" of insulation from each end. Slide a piece of heat shrink tubing onto one part of the cut wire, and slide it well away from the break.

Push the bared wire ends together and crimp lightly with the needlenose pliers.

Lightly solder the pushed-together ends.

After the solder has cooled, slide the heatshrink tubing over the joint and heat it gently until it shrinks. Take care not to apply too much heat or the tubing could shrink too much and break open.

Be sure to check all of the wires, as it is not uncommon to have more than one broken wire. Also be sure to tug from each end of each wire so you don't miss a break.


ADDENDUM: Pickup coil gap is 0.7mm, for those who need or want to remove the coils to perform the splicing!! T.C.


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