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BillyRok 01-31-2016 06:13 AM

Dented Exhaust Header
I have a dent in the bottom bend of #1 exhaust header and am looking for suggestions as to how I could remove it.



How about this...I was considering filling the bend with water and then letting it pipes sit outside for a while in the below freezing temps and see if the dent would pop out as the water expands when freezing. Thinking about the double wall tubing construction, I would want water in both tubes. How far down the header does the double wall go? I'm thinking I can pour water in the header where it bolts to the motor to fill the inner tube and then remove the bolt in the bottom of the pipe just ahead of the heat shield and add water to fill the outer tube.

You guys think this might work without rupturing the pipe? Or anybody have other proven solutions or reasonable ideas? Thanks much.

jetmechmarty 01-31-2016 07:23 AM

Double wall goes all the way. I think freezing it will split it before it pops the dent. The only thing I can offer is a dent puller, and that's going to destroy the chrome.

dbeardslee 01-31-2016 11:41 AM

Sometimes it's better to leave stuff like that alone. Even if you could pop it out you'd still have a wrinkle there, and you might crack the chrome in the process, or worse. A lot of exhausts have little dents there. Kind of goes with the territory considering it's right behind the front tire, and every now and then the tire is going to bring stuff up off the road. From what I can see that exhaust actually looks like it's in pretty good shape to be as old as it is.

crazy steve 01-31-2016 01:06 PM

If it were single wall pipe, you could use a fabricated mandrel to remove most of the dent, but with double wall you'll never get it all out. If you're determined to fix it, the best way would be to find a donor exhaust, cut the dented one off the collector, then weld the new one on. This could be done without destroying the chrome if you're careful. Yamaha plated the original parts separately then welded the system together.

kboehringer 01-31-2016 02:47 PM

SS Mig or Tig - Absolute minimum heat & wire speed

Originally Posted by BillyRok (Post 479610)
...SNIP....anybody have other proven solutions or reasonable ideas?

In my opinion, Marty's suggestion of the dent puller is the best idea. BUT, you need to find someone that can weld using Stainless Steel Wire or TIG PROPERLY. The typical welder, very proficient with a traditional carbon steel stick or MIG weld, is not necessarily familiar with or use to working with SS & Aluminum welds. Some may not even have the proper shielding gases required for other metals.

I'm not sure if you saw the mod made to the Harley muffs on my DUCK at XSSE '15? I was able to cut the very nice chrome mufflers completely apart, remove several inches, and SS weld them back together with SS mig wire (and Tri-Mix Gas Shielding).
There is a TINY bit of discoloration (slight yellowing) of the chrome due to heat on the margin between the SS welds and the chrome. Most people have to be shown the discoloration to see it but it is visible in the photo above.

However, the mufflers I modified were absolutely perfect metal of very high quality (OEM H.D.). They had never been used and didn't have ANY corrosion, dirt, carbon, etc. on them inside or outside. I SUSPECT you could get comparable results if the metal is in REALLY nice condition and has been thoroughly cleaned. Considering where the dent is.... unlikely anyone would see a little discoloration, certainly not as visible as that dent!:eek:

I am a "pretty good" welder but I have had a heck of a time just repairing some of my head pipes. But, my best set of head pipes does not look anywhere near as nice & pristine as the one you have there! If those pipes were mine.... I'd drill a couple holes, pull the dent and fill the holes and any remaining indentation with SS wire.

Find a really good welder!


mack 02-06-2016 01:12 PM

sorry I'm late to the party. Leave it alone! Won't impact performance at all and unless YOU point it out, no one will notice. Not worth the expense and liability. Leave it and tune the bike, ride it or sell it after.

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