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jrobertfox 11-21-2017 05:38 AM

79 XS1100 Special "Cafe" by Never Stop Building - $2500 - in Baltimore

--> Email me jason@neverstopbuilding.com for fastest response <--

Well. It's time to move on to other projects. Truth is I just didn't ride this bike that much, and rather enjoyed the building process more. Time to pass it on to someone who will really take her out!

The bike is a XS 1100 Special, that was restored/converted into a cafe racer style bike. It gets a lot of attention, is pleasantly loud, and for it's age, real fast.

Please check out the build forum posting: http://www.xs11.com/forum/showthread.php?t=39002

And a full set of photos:

And the article on my website (some of the links are down):

Here is a run down of the modifications/service completed:

- Modified rear frame/chopped with hoop
- Custom rear turn signals
- Custom vertical license plate bracket with old-time stop light
- Machined rear pegs
- Machined front pegs
- Custom 4-1 exhaust with header wrap (loud, shoots flame, awesome)
- Custom battery box with leather strap
- Relocated ignition switch under the seat
- Rejetted carbs with pods
- Old style spark plug wires with exposed ends
- Hand made leather seat and grips by Keith's Custom Seats
- Custom Machined upper triple tree clamp
- Single headlight
- Clip-on handle bars
- New brake master cylinder
- Updated wiring
- Single "All-in-One" Accell Dash gauge
- New switches and controls
- Frame powder-coated
- Fender and Tank painted with subtle patriotic striping

The bike has not been ridden much for about a year, it has "sat" under a cover. As a result there is some maintenance that will need to be completed, and problems addressed:

- Carbs will need a full teardown and cleaning, probably worth a rebuild kit, I had it running in spring of 2017...
- But the front brakes or bearings are either seized or pinching the wheel making it very difficult to move around. This is specifically the result of it's sitting, as it did not do this when I was riding it regularly. I'd guess you'd have to pull apart the front end, clean everything, check the clearances and re-assemble.
- It sufferers from the standard XS1100 first gear slip, which has not been much of a problem but something you should know about. It is a problem if the bike is hard to roll, but when normal, if you go right into second, it's no problem.
- Rebuild the petcocks/add some line filters

The engine has been a solid performer the whole time I've had it! When I was riding it, I used color tune and vacuum monitor to dial in the idle and mid range and sync the carbs, and adjusting the jets accordingly. It was a blast to ride when it was running at top form.

Terms of Sale:
As Is, Where Is. If you have a clean set of carbs you are welcome to put them on and start her up, I'd guess it wont start at the moment. Payable in cash or certified bank check at the bank.


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