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a few questions

Ok forstarters. is the head on a 80 SG any better than the one on the 79 SF as far as performance ? OR any other part for that matter. Also does anyone know there is someone in the Phoenix Az area that would have a really good or is able to make a good wiring harness they may be willing to trade for parts or labor intirely or as partial payment? Also looking for both master cylinders if anyone has some. I don't even care what they come off of or are ment for as long as they are good and mount up. Ok last one, do y'all know of anyone that might be willing to part with a 4 into 1 exhaust for a 79 SF. Again trade for???? Parts and or labor is prefeered. I have three of just about everything lol. Thanks for the help
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Hate to break it to the purists here but I cant go for the whole stock thing on this one.
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