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Haarstad's XS1100SF 'Build' Thread

Since i have used this site for everything XS for the past 4 years, I have decide to show everyone my new 1979 XS1100 Special. I have recently purchased this bike from my Dad as a complete bagger. Since that's not really the style i want in this point of my life, i already had plans for it even before the purchase.

Meet my new SF

I recently sold my SG under less than ideal circumstances, which i had already mildly modified to my satisfaction. Since this isn't my first XS, this one will probly end up a little more "One of kind".

If you would like to see a short thread on my old SG, you can see it Here.

First thing that was done to this bike was fairing removal. I found a H4 Halogen Headlight assembly w/parking light and 3" rise/1" Pullback Clubman bars that were ordered the following day. Blinkers were found after digging through a small bin of XS Parts Lying around!

Once my bars were received, I was pretty sad to see that my clubman bars hit my air filler caps on my forks before they got to the position i wanted . After a bit of brainstorming risers and anything else i could think of just to get a couple more degrees rotation.... I decided to make brass shims for under the bars. Looks like .050" in enough!

Progress after Bars and Headlight! Parking light will be hooked up to the Ignition as the brake light is. (Not hot yet)

I had been looking for an original seat for the SF with little luck (found 2 on Ebay for $500 each). Before loosing faith, i decided to make a post on here and had one found in 1 day within my price range! (Thanks jwhughes3!) The original seat was received this weekend and it now sits on the bike, bringing it one step closer to my vision!

Here is how it sits today!

I will try to keep this thread as updated as I can, I have a lot of riding to do this summer though!
Eric Haarstad

1979 XS1100 Special
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