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Originally Posted by DiverRay View Post
As the heads on all the bikes are the same, start with the one that needs the least work and use it. I'm down the coast about 800 miles, so shipping isn't too bad if I have parts you need. I KNOW I have a low hour head, but it's still on the spare engine and may take me six weeks to get to it.
For the teardown, look at T.C. thread on Godzilla. He's taking his time and getting to all the "problem spots" of the 37 year old bike.
Bearings for the engine are HARD to find, and DO cost some money. I have a few left here, but will need them for my engine before I can let any left over sizes go.(I have partial sets of the rod and crank bearing "kits" from Yamaha, boxes with one set of each size made.) The other option is check and see of anyone still makes "custom" bearings. There used to be shops that would put new babbit on your old bearings, to the thickness you specified. Some old hotrod guys up there would know if any are still around.
I bought some super bright LED's and put them into the GIVI trunk on the BMW. I bought mine from, google search gives you all the companies that sell them, and you can also find out what resistor value you need for how many LED's on a string. I still have about 50 of the red LED's left, I think. They are small, 3mm diameter, but put out a LOT of light per LED. I have a total of 16 on the box. Let me know if you want any help with them, as I AM an electronics engineer and do know a little about this stuff.
Good information all the way around Thank you. I'm still punching out classes at this point so I haven't jumped in yet. But working on making space and putting up new shelving for an area to house all of the motorcycle parts that I will have after doing a complete disassembly of the two parts bikes. I hope I won't need another head, but will keep you in mind if this one ends up a dud. I'm hoping it really isn't as the bike was only a year old before mount saint helens went off.

And I took a starter course for electrical engineering. And have dabbled since. The bike currently runs the home made LED blinker shutoff circuit, as well as LED everything except the headlight. I won't every claim that I know all. But usually just enough to be dangerous.

I also started picking up the stuff to do redo the seat. I keep messing with lines to make it look like the tank and seat are one. As well as ad herring to the golden ratio. Lots to consider for it to look perfect. I have seen to many images online of seats that either don't go all the way to the tank...or leave huge open areas behind the seat. And some that look like someone just threw some boards on the back and folded some fabric on it. I think I did pretty well on the first seat but I have since come up with ideas for what I can do better. More on that once I start building the next one.

Also I got the hoop bar (I know many believe it is unthinkable to do anything to the frame) and have it in place. And just need to take it to my dads for welding once the weather lets up. Then I can start on the seat.
79F with two parts bikes (78E and a 79F). Ran it for the first season all the way through the summer. more work to do this Spring!
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